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Muslim Marriage Contract

In 2008, the Muslim Institute launched the Muslim Marriage Contract.  As set out by Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, the then Director of the Muslim Institute in his introduction to the contract, the document was drafted after prolonged consultation with religious scholars, community leaders, national and regional Muslim organisations, including organisations of Muslim women.

The purpose of this initiative was to reflect a consensus effort of Islamic scholars and experts in family matters to lay down and protect the rights of both parties to a nikah (non-registry marriage) guaranteed under the Shari‘ah.  Setting down these matters in writing sought to allow an intending couple to agree upon many important matters related to their future lives, together with the future of any children, and thus the new document should contribute to a harmonious and happy marriage and family.

In the absence of such evidence, parties to a Muslim marriage, and in particular women, face huge difficulties in securing the financial rights guaranteed to them under the Shari‘ah upon divorce.

Mufti Barkatullah of the Islamic Shari‘ah Council, and now Chair of the Muslim Institute, prepared the original draft of the marriage contract.

You can download the Muslim Marriage Contract, along with the Explanatory Notes, by clicking the Download attachment button.