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New Horizons in British Islam presents New Muslim Stories

The project aims to nurture the confidence and voices of emerging talents who want to tell authentic stories about being British and Muslim. We’re focusing on the genres of playwriting, songwriting, poetry/spoken word, and standup comedy.

They know that being creative takes courage, imagination, and hard work – especially on the topic of being Muslim in Britain beyond the tabloid stereotypes. And, for some people, it can be a lonely process. They want to provide the space for a creative collective to grow, including one-to-one mentoring for our participants.

New Horizons are looking for people with a fire in their belly already, and who have amazing ideas of what they want to produce or are perhaps producing already. What this project will do is:
- Provide retreats to discuss the practical hurdles and bigger questions about “making it” as an artist
- Facilitate one-to-one mentoring for moral support along the way
- Showcase work(s) in progress in 2019

This is your chance to get involved either as a participant or a mentor!


If you are:  
- A closet playwright, poet/spoken word artist, songwriter or stand-up comedian
- Interested in telling better stories about being Muslim in Britain
- Feeling like there are too many things standing in the way of your dreams
- 18 to 35 years old
- Resident in the UK

Then sign up here if you want to participate in the project! 


The role would require periodic face-to-face (or Skype, or WhatsApp) meetings with your mentee, perhaps an hour a month. You’d be there to hold their hands when they get anxious, to inspire them when they’re down, and, when they’re excited, to help them harness that energy to reach greater heights. 

We will, of course, provide initial training for the mentors during a weeknight. We’ll also organiser a mixer between mentors and mentees. Plus, you’ll also be invited to attend the final showcase of your mentees’ work(s) in progress!

Sign up here to become a mentor!