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Beyond Religion - Beyond Science

Maybe Islam was never meant to be a "Religion"!

There is a big difference between "religious" and "spiritual" people, as there is a big difference between those who "believe" in God and those who "are of" God! The difference is between External and Internal: meaning that learned religion and beliefs must come from the outside of oneself, whereas inner-spirituality and its spiritual food comes directly from 'The Source' through our own spirit-self.

Functioning religion may be represented by a simple analogy:

Length x Width = Area
Spirituality x Community = Religion
(i.e. Spirituality is Internal, Community is External)

But, and here is the rub; which of the two factors of Religion leads? …In the mathematical factors of Area, it matters not which of the two is put first, (a x b = b x a) but in Religion, and other metaphysical issues, it is of critical importance as to which factor comes first!

If external-teachings come first and is therefore dominant, then it certainly can produce a strong community of religious folk, but their spirituality is not internalised and thus their spirituality is only pseudo! Sadly this is what has happened for most Muslims and other religions. Like a hard shell for all to see, but void of inner spirituality. Just see the results. – "Know a tree by its fruits". …In the history of the world, how much evil has been done by dogmatic religionists blindly following their learned beliefs?

Conversely, when the order of the factors is reversed the opposite effect happens: that is an upward evolutionary current rather than the destructive one. When Internal Spirituality comes first, then the religious texts and other teachings from the 'outside' maybe recognised as putting into words what we already intuitively know.  The words if true, can become like a verification, and because there are other people who also recognise the truth in those words, a bond of love forms between these spiritual people; This way round produces "Good Religion". Another effect of assembling the two factors of religion this way around is that false teachings or silly dogma will readily show up for what it is, and not be destructively absorbed like so many religionists do!  …Notice how in the first part of the Qur'an to be revealed, the early Meccan suras, all begin with a call to be in awe of Nature – i.e. putting spiritual experience first!

There are those of orthodox religion who place their teachings as primary, who say only Prophets could link with The God – What Rubbish! …They cannot personally experience this link because they are not being true to nature. All the creatures in the Universe are directly linked to 'The Source', it is only humans with their outside beliefs that hinder this natural connection. To reconnect; just be still and whole in yourself, all of the masculine and all of the feminine within (regardless of biological function on the surface) and then be in awe of the wonders of nature – the Link is re-established naturally! A person in gender denial can have an emotional experience thinking it is spiritual, but nothing can grow-spiritually from it. Genuine Spiritual experience is high, beyond abstract thought; way above the emotions!

…As a corollary; much of the "new-age" movement has genuinely spiritual people but they are just not together in a 'religion' sense – because they cannot recognise a common "Reading"!

To go even further with these thoughts; notice how in Nature nothing whole has just two dimensions (like Area)! Everything is 3 dimensional (like Volume). Even a sheet of paper has thickness! The "surface" of the sea is only an attribute of the "sea"; a volume. So what about our simple analogy of:

Length x Width = Area
Spirituality x Community = Religion
Could it be that we should really be looking for a 3 dimensional analogy? …I would suggest that it should be:
Spirituality x Community x Progression = "Something beyond religion"

As surely the very purpose of our earthly incarnation is to improve! …So what name can we use for this 3D spiritual progression within a community? We cannot use the word "Religion" or even "Good Religion" as those words already have a meaning as described above. The factor of "Progression" makes a difficulty with established orthodox words, as words mostly refer to something known, which by definition cannot transcend the desired progression yet to come! Orthodox concepts for religion have had the implication "Plateau" put upon them. Stilting free-though and personal spiritual experience – the very opposite of what should be happening!

Not only are 3 dimensions to this concept important, but the order of dominance is vital – literally; as we are describing a force that is either upward to the Light, or downward towards degradation.

I would suggest here that the best word we are looking for is a misused Arabic word: "Islam", and we should use the true meaning of "Deen", which is not the same meaning as "Religion". I differentiate between true "Islam" and contemporary "Muslim Religion". To clarify this further; I reject the popularly supposed translation of "Islam" as "submission", – submit is what we are forced to do when somebody holds a gun to our head! This is just not an appropriate word for the relationship between the 'Universal Divine', 'The Source of everything': and us "divine-sparks"! I would better define "Islam" as: "Bringing oneself into harmony with The Source as we continue to unfold" or "Bringing oneself into harmony with the Loving Creative Force of the Universe".

Also, never forget: all 'Religion' was revealed to this planet to replace something that went before – an evolutionary process! And those previous religions – were they wrong from the start? Or were they gradually corrupted by mankind and become in need of replacement? …There is an upward current towards 'The Light', and at the same time a resistive current driving towards degeneration and decay.  That which is now rotten and needs to go to compost – let it go!

*  *  *  *  *

As we took the concept up from 2D to 3D plus considered the order of dominance of the contributory factors; so too can we again raise our thinking upwards…

Comparing contemporary science with contemporary religion, both are trying to explain the universe in their opposite ways, yet they both fail to agree! …But if both were speaking truth, surely they should agree! Like if we look at a satellite photo of an area of land, and then look at a map of the same land, they should agree though obviously present different information! A road is a road (even if the map calls it a street) and a lake is a lake (even if the map names it a reservoir!). So if both contemporary science and contemporary religion had both got it right, then there should be agreement – which there clearly is not. (Creationism verses Evolution theory for a start!)

It was succinctly shown above the basic fundamental problems with 'religion'; now I will point out some of the glaring problems with contemporary orthodox 'science':

Did you know that contemporary orthodox science is far from homogenous! For instance; the theories of astrophysics are quite different to the theories of nuclear physics, the physicist model of the atom is quite different to the chemist's model of the atom, the biologist's concept of life is quite different to the psychologist's concept. The actualities of "paranormal" phenomena in nature are dismissed as hearsay or just 'anecdotal evidence' by mainstream science, yet the military use remote viewing – which is a form of out-of-body experience!  Oil companies pay high wages to psychics who have the ability to dowse for new oil-fields from maps – dowsing for water by walking over land in remarkable enough, but to do the same just off a paper map!! There are several UK Universities offering options to study a PhD in Parapsychology, but alas the other "scientists" just dismiss this work! The London based 'Society of Psychical Research' has been researching and documenting solid scientific paranormal evidence since 1882, yet again it is just dismissed by orthodox theoretical physics. The phenomena produced by Uri Geller; psychic spoon-bending and the like, has simply been ignored by the scientific establishment, and now it is all forgotten about. There are many other documented actualities of space/time slips, especially (but not always) connected with hurricanes. There are places with unexplained gravitational anomalies. Besides the natural phenomena, there are "inventions" that contradict the contemporary orthodox laws of physics; like devices that demonstrably produce more energy, than goes into them! Yet all this that does not fit with the orthodox theories is simply ignored by the so called professors of science!  So much cruelty is placed upon animals with their experiments and testing, because contemporary orthodox science and many Christian religionists do not believe animals have Spirits! Yet all the people who are aware of Spirit scream; "stop the cruelty". The same can be said of abortion in the murder of unborn children. Again to clarify; it is not Empirical Science that I reject, of which many dedicated lives have served, rather the 'theories and beliefs' of orthodox contemporary science that just ignore anything that contradicts!

The actualities presented in a Spiritualist Physical Séance, or similar by Yogi adepts in the East, are dismissed by the orthodox western establishment as, quote, "bunkum" (BBC Radio4) – though I have personally witnessed such phenomena.  I have witnessed solid matter passing through solid matter, like conjoined links separating. I have upon invitation, shaken hands with a materialised spirit hand; it was warm and solid, and definitely had the inertia appropriate to being attached to an unseen body. The materialised Spirit was called "Jonathan", the same as my original Christian name; the venue was Jenny's Sanctuary, near Banbury UK. The Spirit-Medium was Bill Meadows; the date was 21 July 2012. There were about 30 people present and all of us witnessed the physical phenomena. Restraints to the Medium, entry conditions to every person in the room and checks before, during and after the séance prohibited any possibility of deception or conjuring. …It happened! …Between 2007 and 2012, I have now witnessed 12 different Spiritualist Physical Phenomena Séances – each produced different sorts of amazing phenomena.

…Life Changing Stuff!

So as we need to go beyond contemporary orthodox religion, so too we need to move beyond orthodox contemporary views of science!

There is now a definite fringe movement within Science, it is an area that seems to attract 'misfits' of extremely high IQ, who disagree with the narrow-mindedness of the mainstream; people who accept as credible the claims of paranormal stuff, and seek to check and then evolve theories and experiments to accommodate such phenomena where found to be genuine. There is a fringe within Quantum Physicists, mostly developing upon the work of David Bohm; but many private researchers are forced out of professional life and have to explore and develop their ideas as "underground" scientists, subsidised by other income because grant funding is not available for such.

There is much activity on the internet 'alternative science forums', and all are entitled to their own ideas; some are profound, some are wacky – but that is not the problem!...

The key issue is contemporary orthodox scientists dismissing and ignoring relevant actualities that are contrary to their own theories without checking the claims. There is no difference between this blinkered view of following their "beliefs", to that of the dogmatic religionist following their "beliefs" – if they don't believe something; they refuse to even check-out the evidence!

What makes this worse is that orthodox science receives public money for its research.  Also, the fact that the different specialisms within contemporary orthodox do not fit together but their theories are still presented as 'science fact' to our children in schools and the wider public – they are not facts, they are theories that don't add up properly!

Returning to the thread of the first half of this article on 2D religion and 3D Islam, and the pertinent comment that as science and religion each try to explain the Universe in their own respective ways, we should rightly expect agreement! …My findings in alternative science are, and this is a personal surprise after some very negative experiences with religionists; I find that the "Islam" I have described in the first half fits perfectly with the new Holistic New Science that is unfolding in my private investigations now! …Even the order of assembly of the factors likewise results in opposite outcomes. – Basically: I subscribe to a Mind based Universe, not physical based, with 3D Time and 3D Space created within this unmanifested Universe, not the framework of it; and all is in dynamic simultaneous out-flowing and in-flowing; for example out-flowing 'radiation' and in-flowing 'gravity' – Insights which I have expounded to the best of my ability elsewhere.

The "fit" I notice between this and "Islam", is not about picking certain verses of the Qur'an and rendering particular meanings that could be construed to be the same as my technical stuff – as indeed like that anything could be made to fit. …As the saying goes: "Even a stopped clock is right twice a day!" …We could squeeze a tennis ball into tea-cup and say it fits – well it does factually, but not properly! However, if we compare an egg to an egg-cup, we notice that there is a conceptual similarity in the shape – like one is made for the other, even though one is made in a hen and the other in a factory! …So it is this sort of Conceptual similarity that I notice between my alternative science investigations and 'Islam' as I understand it. 

Perhaps though, this might be expected because I feel spiritually very drawn to the metaphysical wisdom of esoteric Judaism; and if 'Islam' was brought as a sort of re-mastered version of the exoteric of such, and from the same original Source, is it not? (Compare the alphabets for a start: Hebrew and Arabic!) …But 'exoteric' and 'esoteric' are on different levels – as are 'factual agreements' and 'conceptual agreements' also on different levels!

So I contend; since they conceptually fit together, those of True "Islam" by the definition above; would surely be the most responsible guardians for this emerging new Science!

All this I find is awesome!
In Peace, JMB