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Iftikhar H Malik on The Silk Road and Beyond

**Click here to view a recording of the webinar**

Fellows and friends of the Muslim Institute joined Iftikhar H. Malik, Professor of History at Bath Spa University, MCR at Wolfson and an MI Fellow, on 4 September 2020 to talk about his book  The Silk Road and Beyond: Narratives of a Muslim Historian, recently released under the auspices of Oxford University Press. This 368-page study captures lived realities across Central Asia, Iran, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Finland, Britain, USA, Palestine, Switzerland, Finland, and the subcontinent. It also initiates readers into encountering Muslim heritage across the four continents where cultures share commonalities beyond the narrowly defined premise of conflicts. 

Professor Malik was joined by panellists Leyla Jagiella; Dr Elizabeth Peretz, University of Oxford; Dr Osama Siddique, LUMS, PhD (Harvard). The webinar was chaired by Samia Rahman, Muslim Institute.

This book captures history, literature, mobility, crafts, architectural traditions, and cultural vistas by focusing on diverse Muslim individuals, communities, cities, and their edifices. It attempts to reconstruct deeper and munificent aspects of Muslim histories and lived experience that often stay ignored by the writers and travellers.

Written in an autobiographical genre, The Silk Road and Beyond benefits from a 40-year-long exposure and encounters with the vibrant lives across the four continents as experienced by a curious Muslim academic at different stages of his life. The reader can explore and relish these predominantly Muslim locales along with a frequent exposure to socio-intellectual institutions in Europe and the United States. 

To view a recording of the webinar click here