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Critical Muslim 48: Saliha

Robin Yassin-Kassab extolls the virtue of translations, Ebrahim Moosa explores the virtues of the Prophet, Ziauddin Sardar recalls the virtuous life and untimely death of his wife Saliha, Abdelwahab El-Affendi attempts to sort out virtue and vice in knowledge, Colin Tudge suggests a set of bedrock virtues will save the planet and us, Gordon Blaine Steffey outlines three departures on anger, Jinmei Yuan illustrates the ways Confucius shows how to live a virtuous life, Jeremy Henzell -Thomas wrestles with virtuous words, Aamer Hussein reflects on the life of Muhammadi Begum the pioneering nineteenth century Urdu writer on female virtues, Naomi Foyle is moved by the struggles of the Irish singer and songwriter Shuhada' Sadaqat (Sinéad OConnor), Liam Mayo gets a haircut from a senior citizen, C Scott Jordan returns to a memorable dinner with Saliha, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown remembers her virtuous mother, and our critique of ten virtues generated by ChatGPT.

Also in this issue: Zain Sardar dissects philosophy's pathologies, James Brooks watches a film about the Arab Spring, Yuri Prasad reads a major history of black people in Britain, Mansur Ali studies commentaries on hadith, Safia Latif’s enchanting paintings, a short story by Gwen Burnyeat, Amandla Thomas-Johnson's American Diary, and poems by Farid Bitar, and the legendary Italian film director Pier Paolo Pasolini.

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