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East-West Affairs

East-West Affairs: A Quarterly Journal of North-South Relations in Postnormal Times (EWA) is a trans-disciplinary journal devoted to examining the relationship between East and West in a rapidly changing world, where power is shifting from West to East, uncertainty and complexity are the norms – what is generally being described as ‘postnormal times’.

EWA provides opportunities for publication of scholarly articles, which may represent divergent ideas and opinions, on international, political, economic, social and cultural issues from the perspective of shifting power balance from West to East. EWA also publishes essays and commentaries on policy and research relevant to the global South. It seeks to promote understanding of East-West relations and appreciation of non-western concerns and issues. Articles and commentaries are peer-reviewed.

Fellows and supporters of the Muslim Institute can exclusively download EWA by clicking here and here.

Hard copies of the journal will be distributed at the Second Annual Ibn Rushd Lecture.