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Demand freedom for Lutfiye Zudiyeva

The Critical Muslim 'Evil' issue treated the topic of evil in every way possible - theologically, philosophically, psychologically, and of course politically.

One of the best essays in the issue concerns the evil of Russian imperialism as experienced by the Crimean Tatar Muslim community. It's often forgotten - including by Muslims - that the original inhabitants of the Crimean peninsula were in fact Muslims. These Muslims were driven from their homeland in waves, the worst of which was in 1944, when 230,000 people were deported by Stalin.

The essay was written by Lutfiye Zudiyeva, a Crimean Muslim activist and journalist. It covers the long history of oppression suffered by the community as well as its continuation today, when Crimea is once again occupied by Russian imperialists. Lutfiye writes about the arrests of Muslim activists and Ukrainian patriots by the occupation authorities. But when we published the essay, we had no idea that she too would soon be arrested.

But that's what happened on 23 February. Russian occupation authorities searched Lutfiye's home, charged her with "abuse of freedom of the media", and detained her. In a few days she will face trial for this non-existent crime.

In solidarity with both Lutfiye and the Crimean Tatar Muslim community, we are making the essay available here free of charge. Please do read it, think of the Crimean Muslims, and spread the word.

After her arrest Lutfiye posted on X, “In a few days I will face trial according on two protocols drawn up by the Russian ‘Center for Combating Extremism’. My laptop and phone were taken away, but this will not stop me. I am grateful to everyone who worried about me and wrote words of support. Demand freedom for all political prisoners in Crimea. This is a matter of life for many of them.”

You can post messages of support to Lutfiye via her X (twitter) account @zudiyeva

For more details on Lutfiye’s arrest click here

Crimean Tartars by Lutfiye Zudiyeva