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Gender, Balance and Islam

Most of the Muslim world seems to be out of balance and in self-destruct mode! …But what exactly is ‘out of balance’? Surely it is impossible for “Islam” to be out of balance? …From the outside it is obvious where the problem is, though within the Muslim congregations it appears rather difficult to appreciate! …It is “feminine energy” that is suppressed, causing this out of balance! It is systemic cultural traditions that do this, not the pure balanced Islam!

The ironic part is; ‘feminine energy’ is also close to the surface in some men, but it is all suppressed. At the Spirit level, we all have equal balance of masculine and feminine energy within us irrespective of our biological sex, as does all of creation. This spiritual balance manifesting into the physical realm in society is the key to so much: including conflict resolution before any situation can escalate, and also with other issues like inspired teaching, creative design and facilitating transcendental experience.

Feel the meaning in the Qur’an where it says: 

“In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day, there are signs for those who possess intelligence” – 3:190. and also “By the even and the odd (contrasted)”  – 89:3.

However, and this is the big caveat; feminine energy cannot flourish without supporting masculine energy, as both are intertwined: Yin and Yang. So too must be society; thoroughly intertwined. …May our Men, our speakers and our commentators reflect upon this necessary balance!

There is a cultural myth regarding women being more emotional and men being more intellectual – what naive intellectual stupidity is that?

At the intellectual level, feminine energy is holistic or open to the whole, whereas masculine energy is focused on a point and analytical. In every person’s spirit there is potential for both energies in equal measure, but usually only one predominates to the surface, which is typically aligned with our biological sex, but not always so.

Genetic diversity provides society with a whole spectrum of mixes, but when dogma forces a pure polarity, or even worse, when actually suppressing one mode of manifestation of the life-force energy, the consequences are the inevitable “self-destruction” of that society!

By nature, feminine energy is ungovernable; so it can only be suppressed by massive systemic bullying on several levels, including gross distortion of Islamic law.

J. M. Boardman is now an independent researcher and author of the website: "AL-RUH: Mystical Insights"