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Critical Muslim 49: Scotland

Robin Yassin-Kassab travels to the most northerly mosque in Scotland, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas confesses his affection for all things Scottish, Leila Aboulela identifies three Scots who influenced her novels, Saqib Razzaq outlines the Muslim heritage of Scotland, Nayab Khalid tries to save the Scottish environment, Arusa Qureshi falls in love with hip hop, Kirsty MacDougall attempts to revive Gaelic language and culture, Robin Ade goes fishing, Alycia Pirmohamed meanders around Scottish coastline, James Brooks sits through the films of Ken Loach, Bill Holmes (Mohammad Ameen) paints the Galloway uplands, and our list of ten Scottish things.

Also in this issue: John O'Donoghue reads a refreshing novel about refugees, Abdullah Geelah is impressed by Todd Webb's photographs of Africa, Steve Noyes sifts through five Muslim memoirs, short stories by Shah Tazrian Ashrafi and Parand, poems by Zahra Wadia, Deema K Shehabi, and David Pollard, Mishal Saif's analysis of blasphemy in Pakistan and Amandla Thomas-Johnson's American Diary.