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Critical Muslim 47 - EVIL

Evil: Issue 47 of Critical Muslim is out now!

Robin Yassin-Kassab asks what evil means, Richard Appignanesi is preoccupied with modern rationalism’s banishment of evil from common human concerns, John Liechty recounts the story of Jonah to illustrate its contemporary significance, Luke Russel asks if we should forgive evil doers, Julian Baggini tells us that evil is committed by ordinary folks, Michael Wilby suggests certain kinds of generative Artificial intelligence (AI) can be evil, Ben Gook and Sean Cubitt argue that apathy should be classified as evil, Gwen Adshead looks at the seven deadly sins, Zaina Erhaim witnesses the evils of Syrian regime and society, Lutfiye Zudiyeva relives the terror experienced by Crimean Tartars, Jeremy Hanzell-Thomas expunges his inner evil through dreams, Marc Nelson captures the horror of torture victims on canvas, and Christopher Jones lists his ten personal evils.
Also in this issue: John Holmwood dissects Prevent, the UK’s anti-terror policy, Abdullah Geelah reads Nadifa Mohamed’s new novel, Flavie Curinier sees life imitating art in French cinema, Oz Katerji takes his fellow journalist to task for closing their eyes on genocide, short stories by Tam Hussein and Shazaf Fatima Haider, and poems by Haroon Moghul    and Rosie Jackson.

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