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CM32: Music

Samia Rahman is lost in music; Jeremy Henzell-Thomas suggests music opens hidden windows to the soul; Ziauddin Sardar witnesses the annihilation of the famous Qawwali 'Mustt Mustt'; Hassan Mahamdallie remembers his punk days; Stefan Williamson Fa discovers the Sufi-Flamenco fusion of Aziz Balouch; Shanon Shah retraces the highs and lows of his pop career; Estrella Sendra listens to Senegal sounds; Hafeez Burhan Khan shows off his (rather extensive) knowledge of Led Zeppelin; Leyla Jagiella invokes the legendary Indian actress Meena Kumari as the patron saint of the broken hearted; Rim Jasmin Irscheid takes us raving in Iran; Zia Chaudhry is trapped between his parents' love of Urdu songs and his own fascination with Western cultural products; Shaizir Aly is enthralled to see his hero Bruce Springsteen glorified on the big screen; C Scott Jordan argues that K-pop is little more than child abuse; and Elma Berisha is enchanted with the Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak.

Also in this issue: Mohammad Shahid Alam compares the idea of God in monotheistic religions; Katharina Schmoll ponders the burqa; music and poetry by Paul Abdul Wadud Sutherland; short stories by Nadira Babayev and Ari Haque; poems by Latifa Nur; hip hop in action by Wasi Daniju and Azeezat Johnson; and our list of ten non-Western one-hit wonders.

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