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CM22: Utopias

Boyd Tonkin surfs the coast of utopia, Bruce Wannell explores the Gardens of Paradise, Hassan Mahamdallie joins the community of Findhorn, Marco Lauri dissects ibn Tufayl's utopian masterpiece, Medina Whiteman's parents escape to Andalucia, Nazry Bahrawi reflects on the Islamic legacy of utopian thought, Sadek Hamid dissects Khilafatopia of Hizb-ut-Tahrir, Yasmin Khan reads contemporary Muslim utopian fiction, Colin Tudge seeks a utopian transformation, Naomi Foyle locates utopia in her ordeal of illness and recovery, Noor Iskander photographs utopian landscapes and Merryl Wyn Davies tunes into (operatic) utopian melodies.

Also in this issue:

Shanon Shah is captivated by the Palestinian singer Reem Kelani, Sarah Pickthall discovers her uncle Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall, Fatimah Ashrif is enchanted by the supernatural art of Islam, Halima Gosai Hussain is scared by BBC's 'Muslims Like Us', an extract from Rehan Khan's fantasy novel Last of the Tasburai, a short story by Sharbari Z Ahmed, poems by Peter Stockton and Hodan Yusuf, and Reema Kelani's list of Top Ten Palestinian Inspirations.