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Sajjad Chowdhry

Sajjad sees the Muslim Institute as a forum for the exploration of what it means to translate Islam’s vision in a way that is relevant for contemporary circumstances. He is an entrepreneur and management professional who serves multiple organizations in the US and GCC in managerial and advisory capacities.

His academic background includes masters degrees from the Hartford Seminary and Columbia University where he studied Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations and International Affairs, respectively. Given his interdisciplinary academic and professional background he finds he is interested equally in matters of theory and practice but tends to most interested in how ideas have been transformed into institutions. Sajjad has published and lectured widely on topics related to Interfaith relations, business environments in developing countries, among other topics, and has been published in community-based publications, online, and international journals including the Muslim World.

Most recently, he was mandated to research Muslim leadership development programs in the American Muslim community under a mandate from the Islamic Center at NYU with funding from the Henry Luce Foundation.