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Katharina Schmoll

Katharina is a scholar and a teacher. Her work aims to build bridges between people’s lived experiences and academic study, and to bring academic conversations to the wider public for mutual benefit. Researching intersections of culture, communication and politics in the Muslim world and beyond, she explores how we can nurture dialogue and respect between different faiths and cultures, and bring about social cohesion.

Her PhD project at SOAS brings marginalised and often misunderstood Muslim voices to the West. She spent a year in Morocco interviewing and engaging with female members of the Justice and Development Party (PJD) to investigate womanhood, Islam and socio-political change in
contemporary Morocco.

As a teacher, Katharina is also passionate about fostering dialogue through education. She has taught on Middle Eastern politics, media and culture at SOAS. She also holds a diploma in teaching foreign languages to adults and has wide experience in teaching languages. Katharina has travelled widely, willing to constantly challenge and enhance her own understanding of different cultures. She particularly enjoys visiting places that allow the universal beauty and wisdom of Islamic art to shine through.