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Fellow Benefits

In the classical age of Muslim civilisation, libraries and institutions of research and learning abounded. The great cities across the Muslim World had universities, observatories, Houses of Wisdom. From this context emerged the learned societies, known as futawwah that emphasised thought, learning and the pursuit of excellence as key Islamic ideals. Members met frequently to discuss relevant issues and prided themselves on their ethical standards. Membership was open to all, including non-Muslims.

The Muslim Institute is consciously modelled on the institution of the futwwwah. It aims to continue this tradition of debate and critical thinking by providing an intellectual space where Fellows can discuss issues in an atmosphere of mutual respect. By becoming a Fellow of the Institute you join a community of thinkers, scholars, academics, activists, students and laypersons devoted to promoting thought and new knowledge, from a variety of different perspectives, through debate, discussion and open inquiry.

Keeping Fellows informed

Complimentary books and publications via post

Critical Muslim – four times a year (value £60)

Receive the Institute’s highly acclaimed Critical Muslim, which seeks new readings of religion, culture and politics with the potential to transform Muslim societies and the world beyond. Publishing ground-breaking and thought-provoking articles, it is the only journal of its kind.

Complimentary books and monographs

Receive publications authored by Fellows as well as other pioneering scholarly works. Recent examples include Reading the Qur’an by Ziauddin Sardar, Defending Multiculturalism by Hassan Mahamdallie and Muhammad and the Believers by Fred M Donner.

Latest news and events in the monthly MI Update

Receive the monthly MI Update direct to your inbox. Stay up-to-date with MI news, blogs and activities. Be the first to hear about special offers and events for Fellows.

Bringing Fellows together

Fellowship includes free attendance at key events

Three-day residential conference (value £250)

Attend the Winter Gathering, which takes place at Sarum College in the historic city of Salisbury. Held during the first week of December, the Institute’s annual conference is renowned for its intense debate and discussion. Fellows attend absolutely free (including accommodation and meals).

Annual Ibn Rushd Lecture and Dinner

Held in honour of one of the greatest philosophers of Islam, the lectures explore the contemporary relevance of the intellectual history of Islam. Delivered by notable academics and thinkers the event is held in opulent surroundings every first Wednesday of June.

A programme of exclusive regular events

Attend special regular events where renowned thinkers explain their latest ideas. Recently, the Institute has played host to Professor Abdullahi Ahmed An-na`im, the noted advocate of human rights in Islam.

Fellowship offers incredible value

All of the above benefits and more are available to Fellows of the Muslim Institute

For just £10 a month
(£5 a month for the unwaged, students and retired)

Contact our membership manager to find out more or

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