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Winter Gathering 2012: Men in Islam


Friday 30 Nov — Sunday 2 Dec 2012, 16:00 — 14:00


Sarum College
19 The Cl, Salisbury SP1 2EE

We are all familiar with conferences debating the fate of women in Islam. What of the other half of humanity? This year’s Winter Gathering takes the perspective less considered – the state of our understanding of the role, status and responsibilities of Men in Islam. It’s time to book your place to be sure of participating in the most interesting conference of the year. Places are limited so be quick to avoid disappointment.

What does Sheikah Halima Krausen make of Islam’s concept of men? Noted for her reading of the Qur’an what does this leading Muslim women intellectual think it should mean in the practise of contemporary society? Can we have real mutuality and shared responsibility without refining our thinking about men or changing our ways? What ideas and attitudes of men emerge from the practise of Muslim family law here and now in Britain? Samia Bano will set the context for our discussion based on her extensive research. Are what we call the ‘traditional roles’ of men and women in fact ancient and historic? Dr Mohammad Akram explores the history of women scholars of Islam. What can we learn from the issues and debates that led to the changed roles of men and women in Christian practise? Canon Angela Tilby will share her reflections on the consequences and what it has meant for the understanding of faith and society. What has been and should be our concept of masculinity? We have invited Dr Amanullah de Sondy to share his insights based on his major study of the subject.

How do we define the role, status and responsibility of Muslim men in the 21st century? By turning the all too familiar focus on women around can we come to a better understanding of gender and all the attendant social issues we need to address? What does mutual responsibility mean? How can we best recognise and institute the fullest meaning of Islam’s conception of gender in contemporary British society? Do ideas and attitudes that invoke history accurately represent the historic practise of Muslims? Are we bound by our history, or a particular idea of history or can we reclaim new thinking from the sources of Islam? There will also be a lyrical take courtesy of Kenyan-born, Somali-British, London-dwelling poet and performers Warsan Shire and (tbc)Yusra Warsama.

A fresh approach! A novel topic! Great speakers! Lively debate! A must attend event!


We invite you to our 4th Winter Gathering. As before our base is Sarum College which offers friendly, comfortable accommodation in single, twin and double rooms, many en-suite, and all halal catering.

The weekend inclusive of accommodation all meals and refreshments from Registration at 4-6pm on Friday 30 November through to lunch on Sunday 2 December is FREE for Fellows.

Booking fee for non-Fellows is £50.

We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of £50 as appropriate.

Accommodation in Sarum College is limited. Book soon to be sure of your place. Further accommodation is available nearby on a bed and breakfast basis. We can supply a list of local bed and breakfast establishments, however, it will be up to you to make your own bookings and be responsible for your own accommodation costs. All other meals and refreshments are inclusive in the booking fee and will be provided at Sarum College. Fellows using bed and breakfast places will be reimbursed.

Men in Islam

Muslim Institute Winter Gathering 2012


Friday 30 November 2012



Reception, Sarum College, Salisbury




20th century British Pakistani Masculinity

Speaker: Dr Amanullah de Sondy

Chair: Merryl Wyn Davies

Saturday, 1 December

9.30-11.00 am                                   

The Priesthood of Women: An Anglican View of Gender Dynamics

Speaker: Canon Angela Tilby

Chair: Ehsan Masood



11.30 -1.00pm                                   

Men in Islam: How Muslim law operates in Britain

Samia Bano

Chair: Mohammed Amin 




The concept of men – A woman’s reading of Qur’an

Halima Krausen

Chair: Rabia Malik

3.30- 4.00pm                                     



The concept of men – Rethinking Male Authority in Muslim Legal Tradition

Dr Ziba Mir Hosseini

Chair: Raza Ali

7.00- 8.00pm                                     



Poetry in performance

Warsan Shire and Yusra Warsama

Chair: Hassan Mahamadallie

Sunday  2 December

9.30-11.00 am                                   

Women Scholars of Islam – History and Tradition

Dr Muhammad Akram

Chair: Samia Rahman




Men in Islam – A Panel discussion 

Shamim Miah, Jenny Taylor, Nadia Shafique, Leyla Jagiella

Chair: Farouk Peru





A designated Prayer Room is available in the Tindall Room on the 1st Floor of Sarum College.