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University of Bradford Talk on Critical Muslim 4: Pakistan?


Wednesday 7 Nov 2012, 18:00 — 19:30


University of Bradford
John Stanley Bell Lecture Theatre, University of Bradford
Ziauddin Sardar

A perennial question mark hangs over Pakistan. Can Pakistan survive? The fourth issue of Critical Muslim goes beyond the question mark to examine the complex politics and society of Pakistan and  explore how, despite the odds, Pakistan manages to survive. Through exclusive reportage and insightful analysis, CM4: Pakistan? explores the vibrant culture, cities, media as well as art and literature of Pakistan and argues that the country has a great deal to offer and many reasons to be optimistic.


Join editor Ziauddin Sardar and co editor Robin Yassin-Kassib as they navigate the despair and hope that characterises Pakistan.

Critical Muslim seeks to challenge the established conventions and orthodoxies of Islamic thought and ideology and emphasise the plurality and diversity of Islam and Muslims. Mixing issues and ideas, analysis and reportage, fiction and poetry, Critical Muslim showcases new thinking on Islam and explores what it means to be Muslim in the 21st Century.

Ziauddin Sardar is Chair of the Muslim Institute. A writer, broadcaster, cultural critic and public intellectual, the most recent of his numerous books include Muhammad: All That Matters and Reading the Qur'an.

Robin Yassin-Kassab is a Muslim Institute Fellow, the co-editor of Critical Muslim and the author of The Road From Damascus, a novel published by Hamish Hamilton and Penguin. He is also the co-editor and regular contributor to PULSE, recently listed by Le Monde Diplomatique as one of its five favourite websites.

Venue: University of Bradford, John Stanley Bell Lecture Theatre, University of Bradford

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