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MI and IMI discussion: Ex-Muslims


Thursday 23 May 2013, 18:30 — 20:30


Muslim Institute
CAN Mezzanine, 49-51 East Road,
London N1 6AH

The Muslim Institute and Inclusive Mosque Initiative introduce a discussion about the phenomenon of leaving Islam and keeping peaceful, respectful and familial relations between Muslims and Ex-Muslims. We'd like to hear from people who have decided to leave the faith whether it be because of frustration, love, or ideology.

Let's talk about why Islam may not be for everyone and whether leaving Islam means leaving Muslims. Since, “there's no compulsion in religion,” (2:256) what is the Islamic response to those who choose to leave Islam? On a cultural, rather than ideological note, do you still identify as a Muslim without following Islam? And is it Muslims that have made you want to leave Islam?

This is not a discussion about media hype, but one where experiences can be shared and ideas discussed in a mature and respectful manner.


Muslim Institute
CAN Mezzanine
49-51 East Road
London N1 6AH