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MI and IMI discussion: Converts and Reverts


Thursday 9 May 2013, 18:30 — 20:30


Muslim Institute
CAN Mezzanine, 49-51 East Road,
London N1 6AH

The Muslim Institute and Inclusive Mosque Initiative introduce this discussion on the place that converts and reverts have in Muslim communities; and indeed where they find themselves in relation to mainstream British communities.

How can we support converts to Islam? What do converts need from “heritage communities”? How can we give better support to people who are new to Islam/Muslims? Do we idealise/pressure converts?

There are also some questions around race and reverts that need to be opened up: Do we use white converts to legitimise Islam? Do we forget about converts who aren't white? Does white privilege exist in Muslim communities?


Muslim Institute
CAN Mezzanine
49-51 East Road
London N1 6AH