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Creative Writing Roadtrip Through Bosnia


Thursday 7 — Sunday 17 Sep 2017, 09:00


This event has finished, bookings are now closed

Come join us on a creative writing roadtrip in this beautiful corner of the Balkans. Together with Medina Whiteman, published poet and songstress extraordinaire who has written for Critical Muslim, we will explore not only the lush greenery, mountains and waterfalls that make this country so special, but also its recent turbulent past and the lessons we can take home with us where many are facing a growing tide of nationalism and the illusions of separateness in our own communities.

Bosnia has been a crossroads of civilisations and ideologies for centuries, and its mix of Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox faiths makes it symbolic and relevant in our current context of multi-faith societies and the question of what place Muslims hold in Europe.

We'll balance our time between nature and cities, from Sarajevo and Mostar to the Srebrenica genocide memorial, old Ottoman villages, Sufi monasteries, eco-lodges on pristine lakes and more! Activities will range from horse riding, culinary classes, swimming under waterfalls, hikes to remote villages and a bonfire or two, all in good company. Not to mention that an exploration of war tunnels, sniper towers, as well as conversations with locals recounting their experiences of the war will be an important part of the trip.

We'll be working closely with people from each of the places we visit, to ensure everyone comes away with an immersive cultural experience and warm memories of the Bosnian people.