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CM Salon on Bodies


Monday 28 Mar 2022, 18:15 — 20:00
CM Salon on Bodies

Join Critical Muslim editors Shanon Shah and Samia Rahman, along with contributors Nikhat Hoque and James Brooks, among others, at the Common Press bookshop cafe in London for our first in-person CM Salon since 2020, to launch CM41: Bodies.

In our turbulent times, all varieties of bodies face serious dangers. Bodies of water are disappearing before our eyes; 'bodies politic' risk suppression, human bodies fear annihilation at the hands of hate. The biological body is no longer a husk for the intellect, but itself a vital piece of identity, with bodies of colour and female bodies tethered to historical narratives. More broadly, posthumanism and diverse sexuality and identity politics are challenging our conceptions and limitations with regards to bodies. And the monolithic human body, once seen as divine perfection, makes way for the next, more advanced model.

Join us in a welcoming, friendly and inclusive space to explore the bodily familiar, diverse bodies, the invisible bodies of metaphors, and those under the microscope—all with the power to start and stop our fragile world on a whim. As we walk into the future, this issue challenges readers to prepare for a new type of body, fit for a world beyond our present predicaments.

To attend email [email protected]