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Book Launch: Islam & Natural Philosophy, Leeds Civic Hall, 28 May 2023


Sunday 28 May 2023, 15:00


Leeds Civic Hall, Calverley Street, Leeds, LS1 1UR
Book Launch: Islam & Natural Philosophy, Leeds Civic Hall, 28 May 2023
Imam Asim Abdul Rauf (Makki Mosque Leeds), Asim Siddiqui (Muslim Institute), Professor Basil Altaie (author) and Farakh Rafique (host), Leeds Civic Hall.  Background: City of Leeds emblem and coat of arms.

The Muslim Institute was pleased to host the book launch of Islam & Natural Philosophy: Principles of Daqiq al-Kalam by Professor Basil Altaie published by Beacon Books at Leeds Civic Hall. An introduction to the work and future plans of the Muslim Institute was presented by Asim Siddiqui, deputy chair of the Muslim Institute. For photos from the event click here.

The book presents the works of theologians regarding Natural Philosophy including their views on space, time, motion, matter and the rest of the natural world.

These topics, called “Daqīq al-Kalām” complement the other part of kalām regarding divinity (Ilahiyat), called “Jalil al-Kalām”. The novel contribution of Altaie is his discovery that the scholars based their arguments on five basic principles:

  • Temporality
  • Atomism
  • Continual re-creation
  • Contingency and Indeterminacy of the world
  • Integrity of space and time

Basil Altaie is a scholar in theoretical physics and Islamic Kalam. He has contributed to many conferences on science and philosophy. He has published 10 books in Arabic and two in English. His English books are published in the US, UK and Malaysia.