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Fatimah Ashrif


Since early 2014, Fatimah has been advising on various UK based philanthropic projects aimed primarily at faith-based and or, marginalised communities. She spends a large proportion of her time supporting the work of the Randeree Charitable Trust (“RCT”) in her role as executive director. RCT is a grant making charity interested in empowering young people, building interfaith understanding and Islamic Education. 

Fatimah also sits on the steering and advisory groups of various projects concerned with leadership and education for Muslim communities in Britain. She is an experienced commercial lawyer having worked in private practice for reputable national firms for a number of years before entering the philanthropic-charitable space full-time. 

Fatimah is committed to promoting inter and intra-faith understanding and between 2016-2018, she led the work of Coexist House (“CH”). CH and its Trustees which include the University of Cambridge, the V&A, the Inner Temple and the City of London Corporation aim to create a physical space in central London which will be devoted to transforming public understanding of the world’s faith traditions through intellectual, artistic and cultural exploration. 

She is a founding member of Rumi’s Circle which seeks to share the wisdom of the 13th century Muslim mystic, scholar and jurist with a broad audience through conversation, poetry, music and movement. She has a deep interest in the areas of education, spirituality and psychology. She holds a BA in Theology and Religious Studies from the University of Cambridge, a Masters in Human Rights from the University of Manchester, and is presently studying psychotherapy.