Sara Makari-Aghdam: ‘Vinyl Icons: Persian Pop and Turkish Psychedelia’

‘Vinyl Icons: Persian Pop and Turkish Psychedelia’ is a unique presentation of art inspired by the popular music of pre-revolutionary Iran and Anatolia. It has been gathered together by Sara Makari-Aghdam, a young North East England based curator of Azeri-Turk, Persian and English descent. Sara was born in Stockton-on-Tees. She studied BA (hons) in History of Modern Art, Design ...


Mohammed Ali is a pioneer in the street-art movement, internationally famous for fusing street art with Islamic script and patterns to deliver powerful and moving messages. In his work art meets faith, identity and social change, changing the visual landscapes of the cities we live in. He still lives in Birmingham where he was born and raised. From there he travels globally, inspiring ...


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Creative manifestations of art, music, visual media, the written word and much more.

All Artists

Creative manifestations of art, music, visual media, the written word and much more.


A Battle for the Soul of Pakistan by Beena Sarwar

Sehwan Sharif and other shrines in Pakistan are being targeted for terrorist attacks because militant Islam feels threatened by the popular ...

In Memory of Dr Najah Kadhim Al-Radhi

It is with deep sorrow that the Muslim Institute learned, on 7 January 2017, of the untimely death of Dr Najah Kadhim Al-Radhi, the secretary of ...

Suddenly Muslims are America's Pariahs by Nesrine Malik

Officers 'just following orders', confused children, fearful parents: with Trump's vile ban Islamophobia has finally burst its banks


CM21: Relations

Samia Rahman is perplexed by our complex network of relationships, Aamer Hussein looks back on his affectionate bonds with the great Urdu writer Qurratulain Hyder (aka 'Annie'), Syed Nomanul Haq follows classical scholars seeking royal patronage, Piro Rexhepi crosses borders in the Balkans, Annalisa Mormile traces the roots of disunity in the EU family, Benedikt Koehler highlights ...

Bugged by Nationalism by Shanon Shah

Leaders everywhere seem to be catching a strange bug. For a fresh example, let’s turn our attention from the White House’s ...

My Kind of Snowflake by Muddasir Ramzan

This winter’s snowfall has given us hope that climate change is not yet terminal. In previous years we had dry winters, which greatly ...

Many More Apologies are Owed to Canada's Muslim Community by Vicky Mochama

A peaceful, kind and diverse community has been treated as a pawn in a craven political strategy. And it's appalling.