Khyle Alexander Raja

Khyle Alexander Raja is an exhibited Artist based in London, England.

He creates vivid landscapes through the art of drawing, influenced by his professional background in architecture and a life-long fascination with science fiction.

Khyle enjoys using these two worlds to explore avenues of spirituality in unique and innovative ways.

Each piece is an exploration of the relationship between The Creator, Humanity and the Universe.

Khyle is also a creative producer with Soul City Arts, a cutting edge organisation that brings together artists across various spectrums, exploring themes of spirituality and the urban space. 

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What is Soul In The Machine? :

Soul In The Machine is a vision of the future of Humanity. It explores cutting edge science, spirituality, and theoretical architecture. Within this vast universe are worlds of machines and concepts dealing with our relationship with technology.

It is somewhere between utopia, that perfect representation of our future, and a dystopian one where some fundamental flaw exists. As an artist coming from an architectural background, with a life long passion for science fiction and story telling, drawing was the most fulfilling way I could express my ideas and share them. Some of the drawings are darkly provocative, others use language that we would not normally associate with technology.

Our world is growing increasingly technological. The artificial and organic are competing forces across our planet, and the collection deals with a number of important questions for our future; will we become slaves to the machine, or will an artificial soul come to the surface? Will our own technology overtake us, or can it evolve into something radically new? As we look back increasingly on our own origins, can our technology teach us, or will it blind us to the truth? Can we explore technology spiritually, as we have our own world, or is it only a means to an end?

Soul In The Machine is a unique journey through a universe of technology, machinery and surreal architecture. On this journey, we are confronted with our own use of technology and the choices we face to determine our future.

From the Universal to the Atomical, this is a quest to find the truth about our origins, our relationship with the wider cosmos and our own planet, whilst simultaneously exploring concepts of Islamic spirituality in a completely new context of science fiction. 

In our 21st century culture, this collection of drawings attempts to act within an imaginative context, grounded in our own methods of story telling and speculating. It is also based on the same sources of inspiration as the classical, religious art forms.

(Excerpts from Khyle A Raja’s self published, 66 page exhibition catalogue, ‘Soul In The Machine: A Mindblowing Journey into the Future of Mankind,’ available for purchase at his upcoming exhibition launch on July 4th, 2013 at the Rich Mix, London).

The full gallery can be found here.


Responses to Khyle's Work:

The stunning video response to Soul In The Machine by artist AerosolArabic.

Blog post - Interfaith Enabler - Rev. Ray Gaston, Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, Birmingham.

Blog post - Faith in an Urban World -  by Chris Shannahan, Research Fellow in Urban Theology at the University of Birmingham & Methodist Minister.

Coverage of ‘Soul In The Machine’ exhibition launch by Islamic Arts Magazine.

Promo video for Soul In The Machine: Birmingham's exhibition launch, produced by Soul City Arts.

Video - TV interview on ‘Living The Life’ with Khyle Alexander Raja following the live launch of Soul In The Machine.

Blog Post - Journalist & Writer Remona Aly on Soul In The Machine.


Reactions to Khyle's Soul In The Machine Exhibition -

“In a world of over abundant depressing headlines, it is a blessing to hear good news. This is why listening to the feedback on the launch of Khyle Alexander Raja’s work makes me smile. I invite you to scan the photos of his event launch, & welcome this brilliant design mind to the world of the professional creatives. His is a name to watch for.

Science Fiction + Islam + Graphic Design = Brilliance.”  - Mark GonzalesPoet & Scholar, USA.

“Forget rage against the machine, this is Soul in the Machine – an incredible exhibition I attended yesterday evening by the extraordinary Khyle Alexander Raja. Fusing sci fi, spirituality and surreal architecture.. you will not see anything like it…”  - Remona Aly, journalist & writer, UK.

“This Exhibition Ladies & Gentlemen, is a feast of intricately woven visions and spiritual depth. A must see!!!…In fact, I recommend taking a magnifying glass with you, simply astounding, congratulations Khyle Alexander Raja”  - Hassen Rasool, Artist & Orator, UK.

“I may have had a different experience if I went on my own and saw everything by myself – because the art is very much in its own conceptual space and open to individual interpretation. But hearing your [ Khyle Alexander Raja ] commentary really bought it alive and your eloquence and depth of rationale really made the whole thing special.”  - Nizam Uddin, Student Engagement Manager at University of London, UK.



Khyle’s work is available to purchase as limited edition, signed and numbered prints. For enquiries and quotations, please contact

Each piece is printed to canvas with exceptional quality, using one of the UK’s finest printing companies.

There are also a limited number of original pen & ink drawings available.



Soul In The Machine: London 2013

Khyle’s first solo visual arts exhibition in London.

@ The Rich Mix Gallery, Shoreditch

04/07/13 – 27/08/13

Soul In The Machine: Birmingham 2012

Khyle’s first solo visual arts exhibition.

@ The Hubb Gallery, Sparkbrook

06/12/11 – 31/03/12

Artistic Jihad: Travelling Arts Exhibition

Khyle was a winning finalist in the first Artistic Jihad student arts competition, with the exhibition travelling nationally.

Launched @ Central St Martins, London.

London, Liverpool, Exeter, Cardiff, 2011.






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