Meet Our Fellows

Abdel Khairoun "I joined the Muslim Institute because it offers an exciting alternative to other more recognised and Read more > Amanullah De Sondy "I had the good fortune of being invited to speak at the Muslim Institute winter gathering in 2012 Read more > Amjad Mirza Hussain "Numerous Muslim think tanks, policy institutes and professional bodies exist the world over and in Read more > Avaes Mohammad "As a space where artists, thinkers and the generally concerned can come together specifically to Read more > Ayaan Aden Ayaan Aden is a student, community activist, mother and campaigner. Read more > Ayesha Masood "I have been aware of the Muslim Institute since it was founded and attended two of the Winter Gathering Read more > Brandino Machiavelli My journey towards Islam has been a long one, and it is not yet by any means complete, but rather it Read more > Elma Berisha "As an avid reader of Ziauddin Sardar for almost two decades, Critical Muslim comes like a promise Read more > Farhan Terry Chatta “As an graduate in International Relations and Philosophy and Ethics from Liverpool Hope Archbishop Read more > Ghayasuddin Siddiqui "When you see the Muslim world committing the same mistake again and again, you realise how important it Read more > Hilal Fareed "My Spiritual journey has been a roller coaster. I used to be an ardent follower of religion in my Read more > Hirra Khan Adeogun "Often deemed as quite the maverick, I rarely take things as they come. Challenging the norm and Read more > Iftikhar Malik "As a Muslim academic and living in the West, I find my affiliation with the Institute a unique Read more > Imranali Panjwani "The first time I was invited to the Muslim Institute was to discuss my recently edited book Read more > Jabeen Ghauri “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” Read more > Jamil Chishti Jamil Chishti has been involved in the book industry since 1992 when he setup his first bookshop. After 20 Read more > Jenny Taylor "It's all about ideas and relationships. As an academic I’ve been fascinated by Ghayasuddin, Read more > Ken Mafham "I have found in the Muslim Institute what I was looking for; a group of people prepared to discuss and Read more > MG Khan "It is always exciting and empowering to be part of a narrative and space that is not from the Read more > Misbah Deen "The Muslim Institute is the only Muslim reformist organisation in the UK that is trying hard to keep the Read more > Mohammad Soukat Ali "The Muslim Institute has provided me a suitable opportunity to meet others who feel compelled to Read more > Mohammed Amin "My parents raised me as a Muslim with strong religious and ethical values. However being illiterate Read more > Mustafa Kidwai "I have always believed in the saying 'I disagree with what you say, but will defened 'til death Read more > Najah Kadhim "The Muslim Institute does stimulate my intellectual needs. MI is probably one of the fewer Muslim Read more > Nasser Butt "I find the Muslim Institute fellowship a great opportunity for a 21st Century Muslim to discuss Read more > Owais Hasin "We are living in difficult times as religion has increasingly become a political force for Read more > Peter Mandaville "I've watched the Muslim Institute establish itself over a few short years as the cutting edge of Read more > Rabia Malik "At a time when Muslims feel under growing scrutiny and defensive in response to growing Islamaphopbia, Read more > Rania Hafez "I joined the Muslim Institute because it is a dynamic forum for rigorous debate in the best tradition Read more > Rashad Nawaz "I found and joined the Muslim Institute after reading Ziauddin Sardar's books and articles. MI Read more > Salman Siddiqui "The Muslim Institute invited MUJU to bring our touring sketchshow about extremism, Extreme Prevention, Read more > Shafeeq Siddiqui "I joined the Muslim Institute so that I may engage with like-minded individuals with progressive Read more > Shahid Ghauri "The Muslim Institute is a friendly and all-inclusive space, which challenges with honesty, fearlessly Read more > Shamim Miah "In the current socio-political framing of Islam it is essential for Muslims to find their own Read more > Shanon Shah "Non-conforming sexual and gender identities are criminalised by the Malaysian state and stigmatised Read more > Suniya Qureshi "It's an absolute pelasure to meet like-minded informed and open minded individuals, who come Read more > Tahir Abbas "For as long as I can remember, from the time I was a young child to my professional working academic Read more > Ubaid ul-Rehman "I was taught from a young age to go out a seek knowledge. I continually do this through reading and Read more > Usama Hasan "Muslim discourse worldwide is dominated by fundamentalism and an excessive politicisation of Read more > Viveka Anderton "I joined the Muslim Institute in the hope that it would provide an open, respectful and safe Read more > Waqar Ahmad "Muslims need to engage critically with Islam and with non-Muslims. Muslim Institute was established Read more > Yasmin Rehman For me the Muslim Institute is a beacon of light in what can only be described as a rather depressing Read more > Zia Chaudhry "The Muslim Institute provides that forum for 'people of understanding' which, all too often, Read more >