The Moudawana (Morocco Family Code)

Friday, 11 Feb 2011 6:00pm to 9:00pm

The Moudawana

(Morocco Family Code):

Symbol of reconciliation between sacred religious

texts and constraints of our time


Rajaa Naji El Mekkaoui*

Professor, University of Law, Rabat, Morocco

Friday, February 11, 6-9pm

Lecture and Buffet Reception

Muslim Institute, CAN Mezzanine

49-51 East Road, Old Street,

London N1 6AH

How is the contemporary relevance of Islam to be made evident and operated in Muslim societies? Is Islamic law compatible with the needs of the modern world? These are familiar topics of debate.

The Muslim Institute begins its programme for 2011 with a chance to hear about the experience of one country, Morocco, which has gone beyond debate.

In 2004 Morocco enacted a new Family Code derived from Islamic precepts and consistent with contemporary understanding of gender equality as set out in international conventions such as 1979 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), the 1989 International Convention on the Rights of Children, the 1993 Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Inter-Country Adoption. The legislation sets a bench mark of tremendous significance for Muslims everywhere.

*Dr Rajaa Naji El Mekkaoui is a distinguished Professor at the University of Law in Rabat, Morocco who has written extensively on family law and related issues. In 2003, she became the first female to deliver a religious lecture before the King. Al Jazeera has named her as one of the most prominent women in the Arab-Islamic world. Her lecture will be a rare opportunity to hear from a participant about the thinking that produced the Moudawana, Morocco’s Family Code, and how the legislation is working in practise.

The lecture is at the Muslim Institute premises, East Road, adjacent to Old Street tube station (take exit no 8) and will be followed by a buffet reception. Attendance is free.

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