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Writing Kashmir

Muddasir Ramzan

Amidst the daily news of encounters and killings and other troubles in the Valley, preparations are underway to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Indian independence. Seeking respite from all this background noise, I find it in the form of literary groups that organise workshops, writing classes, and literary sessions across Kashmir.  

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Brontes, Bradford and Buddhist Poetry

Claire Armitstead

The morning after the UK’s general election, Syima Aslam and Irna Qureshi were sitting in the cafe they refer to as their living room, picking their way through huge plates of prawn kebabs.

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Manchester Love Spreads

Sadek Hamid

“Again, I mourn the murders of people I never knew. Again, I am harassed & told to atone for terror I did not and would never commit.”

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Multiculturalism in an Age of Brexit and Trump

Tahir Abbas

The renowned Lord Professor Bhikhu Parekh spoke at the annual Ibn Rushd Lecture of the 

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Why I Am A Muslim

Reza Aslan

(CNN) As a writer and scholar of religions, I am often asked how, knowing all that I know about the religions of the world, I can still call myself a believer, let alone a Muslim.

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A Battle for the Soul of Pakistan

Beena Sarwar

I wonder if the bangle sellers outside the shrine are alive. I still have some chunky glass bangles I bought, bargaining more for the sake of it than to save money.

Did the woman bouncing a little girl on her shoulders, chanting and dancing to an inner beat before the drums sounded, go back last Thursday? Did they survive the blast?

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In Memory of Dr Najah Kadhim Al-Radhi

It is with deep sorrow that the Muslim Institute learned, on 7 January 2017, of the untimely death of Dr Najah Kadhim Al-Radhi, the secretary of International Forum for Islamic Dialogue (IFID), and much-loved Muslim Institute Fellow.

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Suddenly Muslims are America's Pariahs

Nesrine Malik

Within minutes of Donald Trump signing his executive order banning the entry of nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries, the horror stories started coming through. Sudanese friends and relatives, some of whom had lived their entire lives in the United States, some who were in the air as the order was signed, found themselves prevented from entering the country.

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A Muslim Epiphany?

Shanon Shah

It’s nice being glass half full. Which is why I’m thinking, “Wow, an Episcopalian cathedral included readings from the Quran in its Epiphany service!” Epiphany, celebrated on 6 January in the Western Church, commemorates the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ to the Three Wise Men or Three Kings.

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Muslim Institute Winter Gathering: Blessed Are the Innovators

Fellows and friends of the Muslim Institute descended on Sarum College in Salisbury for the Eighth Annual Muslim Institute Winter Gathering on 2-4 December to explore the theme 'Blessed are the Innovators'. Speakers and sessions discussed the extent to which innovation has enabled Islam and Muslims to flourish in diverse contemporary contexts.

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