Europe Wrote the Book on Demonising Refugees, Long Before Trump Read it by Piro Rexhepi

It has become an article of faith among liberals that Donald Trump is the world’s biggest enemy to refugees and Muslims, while the EU somehow offers them a safe harbour.

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Refugees and Dirty Work

Shanon Shah

Gary Lineker and Lily Allen – love them or loathe them? Their pro-refugee outspokenness has sparked off a media backlash that strikes at the heart of what it means to be British in a post-Brexit world. Is it British to extend hospitality towards outsiders in need, or is it British to defend the nation from being overtaken by strangers who will only deplete already-scarce resources? These are questions that demand moral and practical positions which are inseparable.

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Refugees are Human. This Simple Fact Seems to be Forgotten

Owen Jones

They’re not people: nobody would tolerate hearing about the drowning of human beings over and over again. At best they are bleak but intangible statistics, the object of a bit of tutting before mundane everyday life takes over. For others, they are an unwanted and uninvited swarm that Fortress Europe must keep out: full of undeserving would-be leeches who have no place in the west. In the hierarchy of death, anyone labelled “migrant” must take their place somewhere near the bottom.

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