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Fight in the Cause of Allah - A Revalation

Husein Moloobhoy
‘Verily, Allah has purchased from the believers their selves and wealth; for that, theirs shall be Paradise. They fight in the Cause of Allah, killing and being killed – a promise on His part in truth, in the Torah and the Gospel and ...

Who Is a 'Muslim'?

Husein Moloobhoy
Those who call themselves ‘Muslim’ seldom understand the meaning of this Arabic word. When translated into English, ‘Muslim’ literally means ‘Submission’. A ‘Muslim’ is a person whose ...

An Appeal to Fellow Muslims

Husein Moloobhoy
I want members of the Muslim communities in the UK to understand what exactly is transpiring in the Middle East. The wars that are being fought are not religious wars, as the protagonists would have us believe but are wars for political power and ...