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Feeling for Egypt

Brandino Machiavelli
I am so saddened by the situation in Egypt. Not that i ever thought it would be easy. But I did hope that the events in Tahrir square over a year ago would have brought all sides together to create something for everybody, all Egyptians. I do ...

Liberalism without Liberty: An Egyptian Paradox

Mohammed Moussa
Millions of people took to the streets and squares of Egypt in the run-up to 30 June 2013. What made this date especially symbolic for Egyptians is that it was the day Muhammad Morsi was sworn in as president last year. A first in the ...

Egypt - Democracy recedes

Saqeb Mueen
Now that the military has overthrown President Mohammed Morsi in what seems to be – for the moment at least – a bloodless and popular coup, is the Arab Spring over? Democracy has certainly been undermined and though the ...