Tasnim Baghdadi

Tasnim Baghdadi is a German digital illustrator of Moroccan heritage. Currently studying towards a Masters degree in Asian and Islamic Art History, with a focus on the art and architecture of the Middle East, Tasnim also works as a freelance artist in the fields of digital illustration, graphic design, and photography. Tasnim, tell us a little bit about yourself and your work? I am ...

Jabeen Ghauri

My life and my art are old friends. We are linked in a mutual appreciation of the natural world, both evolving and maturing together. I was fortunate to have found once more, in the second half of my life, the friend of my youth whom it seems had never left me. A visit to Australia in 2005 turned my life around. Walking downhill to a river in the intense afternoon light, I could ...


All Artists

Creative manifestations of art, music, visual media, the written word and much more.

All Artists

Creative manifestations of art, music, visual media, the written word and much more.


The Myth of Religious Violence by Karen Armstrong

As we watch the fighters of the Islamic State (Isis) rampaging through the Middle East, tearing apart the modern nation-states of Syria and Iraq ...

British Muslims Shouldn't Feel Obliged to Speak Out Against ISIS Atrocities by Remona Aly

In Europe, Britain leads the way in religious tolerance. But that could easily change – and prejudice seems to grow by the day

Why Did So Many Muslim and Ethnic Minority Scots Vote Yes? by Jessica Elgot

Could Scottish independence be the first nationalist movement that ethnic minorities don't feel threatened by? In recent months, the Yes ...


CM11: Syria

Peter Clark explores the roots of the Syrian crisis, Robin Yassin-Kassab explores revolutionary culture, Sam Hamad dissects the Islamist opposition, Rasha Omran rejects the notion that sect can be a homeland, Ella Wind pursues an inside perspective on the Syrian uprising, Malu Halasa samples the local lingerie of Aleppo, Afra Jalabi agonises over a photograph of a lost child, Amal Hanano ...

The Destruction of Mecca

Ziauddin Sardar writes on the destruction of Mecca and its transformation from a holy and historical site into an ahistorical consumerist zone.

Why Pakistanis Should be as Angry as Anyone Else About What Happened in Rotherham by Sunny Hundal

The exposé of child sexual abuse in Rotherham over 16 years reads more like a horror story than an academic report. It was more ...

Sectarian Healing by Samia Rahman

A friend bemusedly related to me his unexpected discovery that the Sunni and Shia global populations are drastically disproportionate. An ...