Tasnim Baghdadi

Tasnim Baghdadi is a German digital illustrator of Moroccan heritage. Currently studying towards a Masters degree in Asian and Islamic Art History, with a focus on the art and architecture of the Middle East, Tasnim also works as a freelance artist in the fields of digital illustration, graphic design, and photography. Tasnim, tell us a little bit about yourself and your work? I am ...

Jabeen Ghauri

My life and my art are old friends. We are linked in a mutual appreciation of the natural world, both evolving and maturing together. I was fortunate to have found once more, in the second half of my life, the friend of my youth whom it seems had never left me. A visit to Australia in 2005 turned my life around. Walking downhill to a river in the intense afternoon light, I could ...


All Artists

Creative manifestations of art, music, visual media, the written word and much more.

All Artists

Creative manifestations of art, music, visual media, the written word and much more.


Realpolitik, Failing States and the Arab Citizen by Mohammed Moussa

The Arab citizen is an elusive species who lives in the margins of his or her society. The popular uprisings, known as the Arab Spring, beginning ...

A Letter to Young Muslim Girls if you are Considering Leaving the UK to join ISIS by Sara Khan of We Will Inspire

Sara Khan of We Will Inspire pens an open letter to young Muslim women who are considering leaving the UK to join ISIS

The secret world of ISIS training camps - ruled by sacred texts and the sword by Hassan Hassan

Current affairs
Hamid Ghannam’s first day at an Islamic State (Isis) training camp was intense. Very early on the morning of 13 August, he picked ...


CM13: Race

Hassan Mahamdallie thinks that the colour line will blight the twenty-first century, Shanon Shah argues that Islam and race have combined to produce a complex identity, Robert Irwin exposes the dark side of the Arabian Nights, Hugh Kennedy relates the story of the revolt of the Zanj slaves, Ziauddin Sardar denounces the bigotry of the Gulf states, Avaes Mohammad ...

Making sense of Anwar Ibrahim’s conviction for sodomy

Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim has had to endure not one but two convoluted sodomy trials. The first began in 1998, resulting in a conviction ...

The Rohingya crisis in Burma has become “a protracted, squalid, stateless status-quo”

The status of Burma’s Rohingya people has devolved to the point where even naming them has become controversial. We need to do more.

Backlash as Pakistan arms teachers after Peshawar school attack by Iftikhar Malik

The attack on Peshawar’s Army Public School in December by the Pakistani Taliban in which 150 students and their teachers were ...